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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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contrer contreras, the suspected gunman. they saw the gunman up close and personal. >> we locked eyes. >> reporter: last night, the s.w.a.t. officers came there after the officers who staked out a home spotted contreras outside. they recovered his suv, this is not the first time contreras is accused of stealing a vehicle. in september 2014 he smashed a stolen car into an ac transit bus. the bus slammed into a house, ruptured a gas line and injured at least 11 people. contreras pled guilty to stealing the car and to leaving the scene of an accident. for that, he got a year in jail and 12 day's credit for time served. this is his mug shot then. february last year, court records revealed that the court
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dismissed a murder charge against him. he pled instead to first degree robbery but only served a portion of his two-year jail time. now he is charged with two counts of murder, vic lee, abc 7 news. and a pittsburg community is mourning the death of donny pearman. he was working a job, the supporters say he will always remember his good deeds. janet? >> reporter: and kristen, officer donny pearman has been with the pittsburg police department for 22 years. everything from his colleagues to those he protected in this community say he was passionate about his job and it showed. >> he knew everybody here. everybody knew him. >> reporter: officer donny pearman patrolled the housing development for 15 years, and not only grew to know everybody but also made a difference in their lives. today, flowers rest outside the police sub station where he worked. the news of his death comes as a shock to many.
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>> he loved the people here and loved serving this community. he loved the kids. >> reporter: nicknamed jason kidd, pearman would often spend his own money to help people. one boy's stolen toy was replaced by him at christmas, the stories go on for how generous he was, including the hotel he paid for, for a mom and her children who were homeless. they say he had a medical condition but it never slowed him down. he also worked at the mall. and during a pursuit it ended with an apparent heart attack. nobody saw it coming. >> they talked just yesterday arri afternoon about following up on things he was doing for us. >> and everything seemed fine. >> yeah, everything seemed fine. >> reporter: flowers filled a patrol car as a procession made
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oa its way to a funeral home. pearman leaves behind an 8-year-old son. in pittsburg, abc 7 news. in the east bay, in the meantime, dozens of police officers paid tribute to an officer who was killed. richmond officer gus vegas' body was taken to the funeral home. he was killed last week, the father of his 6-year-old grandson now faces charges. and joining forces today to fight public corruption. d.a. george gascon announced the plan on the corruption charges. it involves three people with ties to city hall. keith jackson and two others
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face accusations on bribes, he has already pled guilty, as well as raymond chao. and today, ryan chamberlain pled guilty to possession of an unregistered agent or toxin and possession of a firearm with a removed serial number. in 2014 he was arrested after a three-day manhunt. during the search, the hazmat team had to remove chemicals in his home. he faces five years in prison per crime. and the usgs reports a magnitude 4.8 earthquake hit big pine area this afternoon, which is located along interstate 395, about 250 miles northeast of los angeles. the quake was felt as far away as fresno. and what a warm day in the bay area. sky 7 hd shot these picture this is afternoon at ocean beach in san francisco. just gorgeous. blue skies and a blue scene,
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this is a live picture now, f m from. >> temperatures are rising and records are falling. yes, and quite a few records, out here it is still warm. not even a breeze here to cool us off. we need the fan, our natural air conditioning and it's coming back, let's check out those records for today. we had -- sfo at 72, oakland, downtown, 82 degrees shattering the previous record of 85. you will notice that oakland airport, san jose, also moffett field, 83 degrees, salinas, 86 degrees, an all-time record for february breaking the previous record set in 1977. storm weather coming back in. one is light, five is severe, we rank our storms, help you to prepare and we are tracking a storm with live doppler 7 hd. we'll take an hour by hour look at when you can expect it to get
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windy around here. and wet as well. let me just put it to you this way. it will be a reality check, it's still winter. dan? okay, thank you, sandy. and california fishermen are working to get back to the crab season, but now that it's on the way, many are upset with the way the opening is handled. melissa harrington has more on the story. >> reporter: well, dan, this morning, the department of fish and game discussed the possibility of opening certain areas of the water to commercial fishermen within the next few days. this fast-moving approach has some concerned, but unhealthy crab could still end up in their trap. the fishermen at pillar point harbor fill their catch. at the beginning of the season, that empty fish hole would be filled with crab, but it is on
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hold. the area fishermen are looking at opening the area at point rays. >> i'm torn, i want to fish, but don't know if it's right for the industry. >> reporter: authorities want to wait until all california crab are free of toxins. >> we don't want to screw it up and have somebody get sick from a crab that migrates into this open area. >> reporter: they're concerned about the crab. >> north of point rays, they tested dirty 14 miles away from where they're proposing we do open. they're concerned about being able to sell these crabs. >> others are eager to get back to work. >> i think it's a beautiful opportunity for both the fishermen that still operate at this time of year and the public to get a taste of the crab. >> a decision on the opening is
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expected in a day or two, at pillar point harbor, melissa harrington. and looking at next career moves, they don't include being a u.s. supreme court justice. today, harris campaigned for her u.s. senate run. the democrat met with others from the employees union, some political analysts suggest that harris replace justice antonin scalia who died over the weekend. >> i have no intention of putting my name in. i don't have a desire to do that. i want to be the united states senator from california. >> harris also criticized republican intentions to block president obama's nominee to the high court during an election year. harris said americans deserve to have a quote, fully staffed supreme court. well, just into the abc 7 news room, a judge forcing apple to unlock a shooter's upon phone, we'll have details left. and attacking a problem
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here, tonight, the disturbing cluster and what the cdc hopes to do about it. paying more to fly, is there a litmus test for how much we'll spend, and? 7 on your side, looking how to
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and a special team looked into a rash of teen suicides in recent years in the heart of silicon valley. leanne melendez has more on the subject that is breaking hearts while grabbing national headlines. >> reporter: well, the number of
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suicides among palo alto high school students is five times the national average, so yes that is alarming. the majority of these suicides occurred on the train tracks and local officials have called it an urgent public health problem. the topic of suicide is not new to students attending palo alto's two high schools. in 2009 and 2010, sixteens killed themselves. then four more in 2014 and 2015. >> we want to learn, we want to see what can we do in the future as a prevention to prevent these acts. >> reporter: the school district and the santa clara county public health department reached out to the cdc in atlanta to help them address this crisis. >> any time we can leverage federal expertise, resources, support, to really help us understand what is going on in our community i think is truly valuable. >> reporter: the team has already collected data from the county on the suicide behavior of these young people. now they will spend two weeks on
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the ground identifying the risk factors in palo alto in order to make recommendations. >> and when it cages your whole method of raising your children, i mean, the whole process. you have to actually second guess everything that you do now because you don't know how it will affect the child. >> reporter: parents here say the team comes at a needed time. in palo alto, leanne melendez, abc 7 news. and tonight, they're looking at the battle to combat the suicides, you will hear from a former principal and others. "nightline" airs after jimmy kimmel live. and an assault being investigated as a hate crime. police say two drunk men assaulted the woman on the campus. no details about the incident have been released, including what led officers to believe the
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hate crime had occurred. the woman did not need medical attention, both of the suspects are in custody, neither attends uc davis. and helping to investigate last year's mass shooting in san bernardino. a judge ruled today apple has to supply its special software to the fbi. agents have been unable to get into the encryption. the phone belonged to saeed farook, he and his wife killed 14 people at a party in december. and airlines looking at record profits, since early january many airlines have increased fares by six dollars round trip, and some have done it twice this year, in fact, jetblue, delta, american and united. analysts at fare compare said there is a reason for this. the airlines want to see how high they can raise prices before people will stop buying
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tickets. airlines say they're spending profits earned from lower jet fuel costs from new airlines and raises. >> really, they just want to find out? there is one group you need to focus on if you want to sell your home. >> yes, 7 on your side michael finney. >> millennials, they're the ones buying, between 18 and 36, the biggest group buying. consumer reports tells us what the millennials are looking for in a home and how to maximize your sale price. >> reporter: if you're selling your home, keep millennials in mind, they're 7500 strong and ready to move in. >> millennials want to move in, day one, entertain that weekend. >> reporter: consumer reports says the right renovations can boost your home's value by 35ers. so spend your makeover money where it will count the most. a consumer reports survey of
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more than 1500 millennials nationwide found a modern updated kitchen tops their list of ideal home features. and you don't need to spend a lot. for as little as $5,000 you can add a new suite of stainless steel appliances, new flooring and a new countertop. you will have a clean contemporary look that could lead to a 3 to 7% bump in the sale price. have a bigger budget? think about knocking down the wall. millennials are also looking for an open floor plan with flexible living space. another good way to add value is by expanding the living space, anyway, fishing an attic or basement and always, it's a good idea to spend money on materials that don't require a lot of maintenance. >> like countertops, that are stain resistant and heat resistant, also durable carpet in favor of floors. also don't overlook the fresh
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coat of paint that can boost your selling price another 1 to 2%. also, energy efficiency is another strong selling point of the millennials. lowering your home's energy costs can help you to save money while you are waiting to sell your house. coming up, one of the biggest campaigns ever, the cooler with a blender, now backers are cooling on the project. not only had we not gotten ours yet but somebody else was going to get it before us. all right, the promise lived up to the hype. plus what you need to know before you invest in products you see. tonight at 11:00. all right, we'll have to be careful. construction crews finally working on a fix for a sinkhole, it caved in last september and was temporarily patched.
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the street is a busy one in the city. at least one eastbound lane should be closed. drivers should expect delays. the cause of the sinkhole is a mystery. >> those are still strange. at least crews are working on it in nice weather which is changing. >> can't be beat. how much longer, san diego? >> it will be colder tomorrow, we'll get a breeze coming through here, it's starting to feel different. let me show you how warm it was in your area today. 74 in san francisco. not a record, still warmer than average. 79 in downtown napa. santa rosa, antioch, 77, livermore, 72 degrees, downtown oakland, moffett field, all records today, 84 degrees in santa cruz. 12 to 20 degrees in the monterey bay area. and showing you high clouds right now. those are making for a beautiful picture right now. the low 70s, to oakland, to
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mountain view, and san jose, half moon bay cooling down 66 degrees. a great day to hit the beaches. santa cruz cameras showing you some people are doing exactly that. 72 in santa rosa right now. 71 concord, 69 in livermore. and a lovely view from our camera, you can see the clouds gathering as we get ready for a wet and windy tomorrow. sharp drop in temperatures as well. scattered showers for your thursday. the storm impact scale rates the storms, one is light. five is severe. all winter long we have been rating the storms and most have been ones and two's. we have a moderate storm coming tomorrow into thursday, quarter to 3/4 of an inch, wind gusts, from the to 50 miles an hour. that could cause problems. here is the time line, tomorrow morning, 5:00 a.m., clouds, 10 a.m., light showers developing and spreading by noontime. the evening commute looks
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sloppy. 5:00 p.m., you start to see widespread rain, light to moderate in intensity. 7:00 p.m., seeing the yellows and oranges indicating moderate to heavy rain. the rain there could be an isolated thunderstorm, heading towards wednesday night. wet roads, thursday morning's commute will include scattered showers which means slick in spots, for 5:00 a.m. it starts to wind down around 11:00, the last of the scattered showers before we see a break. most areas seeing 2/10 of an inch, some spots could see 3/4 of an inch in the wettest spots. wind advisory 7:00 a.m., covering all the mountains, those gusts of 45 to 50 miles an hour could cause power outages, and definitely will make it tough to drive around so just keep that in mind. here is a look at the winds, 35 miles an hours out of the south. 37 at half moon bay, 5:00 a.m.
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still gusty around noon. if you are grabbing lunch make sure you have your rain gear with you and be prepared for wind, so the wind breaker could come in handy. the winds start to subside. the winter storm warning, thursday, 4:00 p.m., windy with one to two feet of snow. heavy snow, five to ten inches at the 5,000 elevation. i know some people are off, this could be an opportunity to enjoy snow. the resorts enjoying skiing and snowboarding. mild, tomorrow afternoon, cooler. mid-50s to the mid-60s. wet and windy for your wednesday afternoon and evening in particular, accuweather seven-day forecast seeing the 2 on the storm impact scale tomorrow. chance of north bay friday, 60s right through saturday before it warms back up on sunday going into monday. looks like increasing clouds again as we head to early next week, maybe another storm. chris and dan? right now we have breaking
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news out of richmond. sky 7 hd live over south 16th street where there has been an apparent drive by shooting. you see investigating right now. now we're told the two people hit have non-life-threatening injuries so they should be okay. >> we'll stay on top of that story but stay with us. and coming up, danville neighbors upset that a home has practically turned into a hotel. kristen and dan, we have both storms hitting the coast tonight. 20 reported tornadoes. a woman rescued buried under her home and you will see it. former president bush taking aim at donald trump tonight. and you will hear it. and adele explaining what happened last night after abc 7 news. and then at 6:00. the movie-goers sounding off against the movie
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tonight, the town of danville will consider whether to ban the short-term rentals, or b & bs. the neighbors complained about the building, turned into a series of rooms to rent. neighbors are concerned about safety with so many people coming and going. >> there are no sidewalks, the kids actually play in the street and walk to and from school in the street. there is traffic. much of what we do is based on compatibility. danville says it would track short-department rentals by monitoring the ads on a case by days basis. tonight's meeting starts at 7:30. and last night, things got violent in an alameda meeting
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over rent control. tonight they will try again on the ordinance. if passed, they will require the ordinances to offer one-time one-year leases on in-place tenants. the ordinance would not allow the landlords to raise the rent more than once in a 12-month period. and santa clara leaders meeting to consider who to fill the vacancy. the former mayor resigned a day after they hosted the super bowl. he said he wants to spend more time with his family. and council members have two options to fill his seat, appoint somebody by march 10th to fill his term, or appoint somebody. and tenants delighted to see the colorful pillars, the murals went up four years ago to brighten up the space but taken
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down. the original artist was hired to put together the murals, what do you think? beautiful. >> and first, a new chance at life, and now a home. coming up, the new sea ot
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i'm ama dietz, coming up, new at 6:00, lieutenant governor gavin newsome's battle with
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dislexia, how it shaped his life. and 7 on your side turning up the heat. and the machine that can turn a tree into mulch in minutes while helping the environment at the same time. all coming up on abc 7. and a sea otter found off carmel beach has a new home. >> check out this new bundle of cuteness, the female otter was transported to the shed aquarium. >> yes, the poor otter was adopted by chicago's aquarium. >> she will not be alone there. this is the third sea otter rescued. >> they're like kittens. a niceƱi new home. >> exactly, so many visitors. world news tonight coming up next. i'm kristen z. and for dan ashley, and
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michael finney, we appreciate your time and hope to see you again in half an hour. breaking news tonight. storms slamming both coasts. in the east, treacherous driving, a dangerous mix of sleet and rain. the pileups. 60-mile-per-hour winds. across the south, 20 reported tornadoes. the woman trapped under her home, rescued. >> hallelujah! >> and in the west tonight, bracing for a major system, too. also breaking tonight, the new polls coming in now. where do donald trump and hillary clinton now stand in south carolina? and former president george w. bush taking aim at trump. also developing, the supreme court. the president just moments ago, saying, "i intend to do my job. i expect them to do their job, as well." a message to the senate. the case of the serial killer, far worse than first thought. accused in ten deaths, now linked to several others.


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